Embark on a magical guided journey down the road to the North Pole, all the way to Santa’s Workshop. Join your Elf Tour Guide as you explore the North Pole on your quest to save Christmas from the icy wrath of the mischievous Jack Frost. You’ll visit Mrs Claus and hear her tales of magic and wonder, meet a very special Gingerbread Man in the North Pole Bakery, help the Head of Magic, Elf Fixitup to repair Santa’s Sleigh and make sure all of the letters find their way to Santa after a malfunction in the mailroom! But can your Christmas spirit save the day and warm Jack Frost’s heart in the Enchanted Forest?

What is Road to the North Pole?

Road to the North Pole is a premium Christmas attraction located in Central Newcastle. It combines high quality theatrical performances, costumes and state of the art scenery with spectacular storytelling to create the most magical, immersive, walkthrough Christmas experience the North East has to offer. You and your family must work​ together to help save Christmas from Jack Frost. You will get the chance to meet some of your favourite Christmas characters, play lots of exciting games and even make some take home crafts all topped off with a very personal meeting with the REAL Santa where they will receive their very own Christmas gift.

Get your tickets ready as you check in to the most magical tour in the North East

This is where your journey starts, get checked in before you set off. The strangest station one has seen full of Christmas and Elves and magic it seems. Wait in suspense for your tour to begin. It’s just around the corner, are you ready to come in?

Embark on an unforgettable journey down the road to the North Pole

I hope you know how lucky we are, that the Road has landed in Newcastle’s heart. A direct path to the most magical world full of Spirit and Wonder and gifts wrapped with bows. Meet your very own Tour Guide Elf for the first time as for one day only they welcome you in and open up the door to the Road to the North Pole!

Make yourself at home and enjoy a magical tale and welcome from Mrs Claus

The very first room on your tour today is full to the brim with books. Mrs Claus she loves to read and keeps everyone up to date. Let her tell you all about Jack Frost’s mischievous plan before picking a story from the shelf and releasing it’s magic to you and the elves. She really is the sweetest lady and is sure to make you feel at home. So grab a cushion, take a seat because the story has begun!

Work against the clock to sort the letters in the mail room

Letters in and out, working round the clock join Elf Velope in the most important room of the workshop. With the Letter Sorter 2000 having been frozen by Jack Frost, Santa needs his letters and he needs them fast! Help Elf Velope clean up the mess, sorting all the letters and checking all the lists before getting them to Santa so no child is missed.

Conjure up some spells with the Head of Magic!  Can you make the sleigh fly?

Flying round the world all in one night takes a lot of magic to keep in flight but since Jack Frost stole some Christmas Magic away there’s not enough magic to lift the sleigh. Help the Head of Magic Elf Fixitup to conjure up Christmas spirit and fill the SpiritOmeter! Through songs and magic if you truly believe then who knows what spectacular sights you may see.

Create your own Christmas Creation's in the North Pole Bakery

Bask in the sweet smell of candy cane’s and cookies rising up from the North Pole Bakery. Join the Baker in his kitchen as he helps you conjure up some fantastic crafts for you to take home. From gingerbread to cookies and even chocolates too, what will the Baker make for you?

Stop Jack Frost from freezing the countdown to Christmas

Explore the most magical forest in the North Pole full of mythical creatures and magical spells. Meet Jack Frost stood high upon ice, as you warm his heart and turn him nice. With the help of your Tour Guide Elf can you stop Jack Frost from freezing the countdown to Christmas?

This is the place where dreams come true, meet Santa Claus and get a picture or two

Standing tall is a big red door with the letter’s S.C engraved in gold. Santa’s office lies behind but he welcomes visitors so don’t be shy. He loves to meet all of the children, give an early gift ahead of Christmas morning. It’s the perfect way to end your tour and you’ll be on the nice list I'm almost sure. Santa can’t wait to thank you for all your hard work saving Christmas once and for all.

Character Central

The magic doesn’t end just yet. We have a few more special friends that you haven’t yet met. From Frosty the Snowman to the Cutest Polar Bear you might meet a penguin or the real Gingerbread Man. We have our camera’s at the ready if you provide the smiles as you meet our festive friends and make memories for your child. 

Begin your journey on the Road to the North Pole by purchasing your tickets now!